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MotortradesEXCLUSIVE: The Real Arthur Dent - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy star Simon Jones on his love of cars and motoring. Andy Hollingworth ArchiveSince Douglas Adam’s Arthur Dent took the nation by storm in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, thousands of Britons continue to be seen changing their vehicle’s oil or s MotortradesSkipping red traffic lights to let emergency vehicles through is ‘common sense’, says AA President Edmund King Here’s a situation many drivers are faced with at least once a year: you hear an emergency vehicle, you look in your mirrors and it’s speeding towards you. But you’re at red traffic lights, right at. MotortradesMotorists slam proposed technology that could see official car dealerships cold call you within minutes of an accident to offer ‘help’ with repairs • Technology detects when you have an accident or a fault on your car.• Manufacturers’ official car dealerships could then call you within minutes of an accident.• Motorists say it would reduce comp. MotortradesExclusive: Toyota Europe CEO and President Didier Leroy says accident avoidance technology will be affordable within five to ten years Didier Leroy (left) has transformed Toyota Motor Europe, having signed a Supply Agreement with BMW in 2011.The President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe has questioned the feasibility of fully driver. MotortradesMargaret Thatcher: ‘We must have secret ballots’ to save motorhome industry, after hearing of strike at Southampton Ford Transit plant Richard Holdsworth, the founder and owner of the now defunct Holdsworth Motorhomes, has spoken of how Margaret Thatcher insisted on trying out the new Holdsworth Ford motorhome and his personal stor. MotortradesMorris Minor Series (Part One): What makes these little cars so popular? As the elderly population in the UK gradually increases, are more people buying Morris Minors as an affordable classic car to enjoy in retirement?Tim Brennan, Company Director at Charles Wares Morri. MotortradesINTERVIEW: Ernst Reim, Chief Interior Designer for Ford of Europe reveals how future looks more 'premium' He's overseen the interior designs of the latest Fiesta, Mondeo, Focus, B-Max and C-Max. Ernst Reim is the Chief Interior Designer for Ford of Europe - the company behind some Britain's best-selling. MotortradesINTERVIEW: car designer Stephen Harper sheds light on the problems facing the automotive industry Above: The MG Icon, the car which Stephen Harper oversaw the design of while working for SAIC.What is the most challenging aspect of designing new cars suitable for the production line?For me, the m. 
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