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EXCLUSIVE: 1,000 mile British electric car to be unveiled in 2014

Published: 7 January 2013

MOTORTRADES INSIGHT is the first publication to reveal news of a record-breaking electric car set for release in 2014.

"I can tell you that there will be a vehicle that will do Land's End to John O' Groats on a single charge next year," said Ian Hobday, CEO of Liberty Electric Cars, one of Britain's fastest growing electric car manufacturers.

The vehicle will be capable of a range between 837 to 1,000 miles - four times the furthest range of electric cars currently available on the market. 

From Motortrades Insight's headquarters in Brentwood, Essex, the car could potentially reach many areas of Europe without having to be recharged, including Paris, Brussels, Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille, Zurich, Milan, Monza, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Copenhagen, Malmo, Belfast, Dublin, and the Pyrenees.

While the price and final model is yet to be revealed, Mr Hobday said 'it shows you where the electric car technology is going'.

Speaking on the electric car industry as whole, he said: "If I have to forecast where we're going to be, right now we're at 200 to 250 miles without too much trouble. We will be at 400 to 500 miles within two or three years.

"Have no fear. Battery-based energy storage for electric vehicles will be capable of delivering everything that a tank of petrol or diesel can deliver within two or three years."

By the end, possibly even the middle of the year, Liberty Electric Cars aims to double its workforce to 80 - a sure sign of the times to come for Britain's electric car revolution.


Electric mobility has taken another huge leap forward thanks to significant investment in the UK's charging network that will make it easier than ever to own and run an electric car.

As part of a £37m scheme, the government has announced that it will contribute 75 per cent to the cost of an installed charger at a home address anywhere in the UK. As well as the home charging bonus, the government has announced some other major benefits for the entire charging network.

Working with local authorities, the new scheme will see the government put up three quarters of the cost of installing public chargers such as rapid chargers, which can charge a Nissan LEAF or Liberty's E-Range Rover to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.

In addition, the government is contributing 75 per cent towards the cost of installing charging points at railway stations. Any public sector organisation wanting an on-site charging point will now have the installation carried out for free. This covers the police, NHS and local government.


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